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Typically I start my morning watching Fox News’ Fox And Friends. Network morning shows are mostly light fare with a little bit of news mixed in. Fox And Friends is sort of like that except it’s far more heavily weighted towards red meat conservative politics.

It won’t take a viewer very long to realize the three co-hosts and most of the guests on Fox And Friends’ curvy couch hate President Obama. One regular Obama hater is billionaire Donald Trump. Brilliant self-promoter? Egomaniac? Take your pick or say he’s a lot of both. There’s no doubt he’s conservative. You don’t have to believe his repeated flirtations with running as a Republican presidential candidate to accept his conservative cred. Just catch a couple of his Fox And Friends visits where trashing President Obama is one of his favorite topics.

Like his last visit yesterday morning where him and his Fox And Friends buddies enjoyed his tweet smearing President Obama with blame for the Seahawk’s Super Bowl loss.

Trump tweet

Mocking any president is fair game. However, good luck finding any video of Fox And Friends similarly mocking, say, Obama’s predecessor President Bush. In fact, the Fox And Friends curvy couch crowd routinely bristles at the run-of-the-mill Bush isn’t the brightest bulb in the pack jokes which were very popular during his presidency and linger to this day.

The saddest part of all of this is this sort of hypocrisy is lost on Fox And Friends and Fox News programming in general. The dye in their wool is so deep red Republican I’m starting to think hating President Obama is what they view as a “fair and balanced” approach to news coverage and analysis. Witness habitual Obama critic Bill O’Reilly’s constant claim he’s fair to President Obama. Which is correct in the context of how tolerant can any Republican be of our president?