On Twitter I’m EyesOnFoxOrg. Any of my Twitter followers visiting here must wonder about the Dot Org bit. Until today, going there sent anyone on a journey to Asia. Google translate and it’s obvious it’s your run of the mill parked domain page.

My Twitter handle is based upon the Eyes On Fox blog myself and a friend, Gary, ran for many years. “Fox” refers to Fox News which we monitored exposing the popular “fair and balanced” channel’s crazy right-wing bias. The domain eyesonfox.org was registered in Gary’s name as was the host account so, upon Gary’s way too premature death, the entire thing passed into oblivion.

The Propaganda Factory was a concept I toyed with concurrent with Eyes On Fox. The point was Eyes On Fox was focused solely on Fox News. The Propaganda Factory could have a broader scope but I never really did much with it as you can see. Both sites paralleled a general burnout in the blogging thing for me. I was able to pick up the eyesonfox.com domain – which Gary and I had before – as a link to the past but our core eyesonfox.org domain oddly passed through a series of owners who did absolutely nothing with it.

Anyway, while nobody cares but probably me, my namesake is back as of today. Whether I do anything with this site or not is an open question. Certainly Election 2016 has me worked up like much of our greatly divided nation. The biased coverage by Fox News, as expected, has gone way over the top as the “fair and balanced” “Trumpland” pundits populating all the hosting chairs collectively try to push The Donald over the top. It’s to the point with 3 days left it seems Fox is determined not only beat Hillary Clinton but to destroy her. So Fox News is always a rich topic to discuss in the context of propaganda.

But CNN isn’t exactly setting a high bar for journalistic excellence either. Their coverage while far fairer, is almost too fair creating false equivalencies to make Election 2016 an exciting horse race. CNN is the ESPN of news. Political sports entertainment. Keep it close. Keep eyeballs on the telly.

Then there’s the new CBS News streaming channel CBSN which didn’t even exist when Gary was alive. MSNBC which everyone thinks as a liberal Fox News until they witness “Morning With Joe” or watch Chris Matthew dump on Hillary Clinton who he complains he’s weary of and just wants to go away. But there’s Rachael Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell there still and nobody will claim they’re anything but liberally biased to the core. And the 3 major broadcast networks still do their pitiful 30-minute broadcasts a 6:30 PM. Oh, and don’t forget “PBS Newshour” which I like a lot. Must prove I’m a drooling left-winger. Even a Socialist. Maybe a Commie even. Or not.

And then there’s another play on propaganda. My own. Bother everyone with my own opinion like it really matters or is any more insightful than anyone else’s.

Time will tell. I’m just happy I got my name back.