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I’ve never really watched Fox News’ Outnumbered before other than bits and pieces. However, I have today off for the Lee-Jackson holiday (hey, I live in the South so get used to it) and, sadly, I have nothing better to do. Yes, I need desperately to get a life.

Today might not be the best day to assess the show since it’s interrupted by a “Fox News Alert” with Bret Baier prepping viewers for a joint President Obama and British Prime Minister Cameron press conference. However, I got enough of a taste to realize it’s the typical Fox News fair and balanced hypocrisy pimping conservative causes by being anything but.

This particular show features conservative Pete Hegseth as the guy supposedly in the hot seat facing the ladies. Yet, predictably, Pete has nothing to fear nor is there any point of view unique to the ladies you wouldn’t find during any other typical partisan Fox News exchange. Fox News likes to wave the flag so Pete, the former director of the partisan Vets for Freedom which has backed 10 Republicans while running ads opposing Obama, is the perfect pick to pimp Republican policies regarding terrorism, immigration, and all things related.

So who ends up in the hot seat? Left of center Kirsten Powers, the designated liberal on the program. Pete joins the rest of the women to push conservative talking points and piling on Kirsten when she disagrees.

The show reminds me of Fox News’ The Five. As the name implies, there’s 5 co-hosts on The Five. Since this is Fox News you shouldn’t be surprised it’s 4 articulate conservatives against 1 liberal. That single liberal usually is Bob Beckel who, quite frankly, is an embarrassment. Not only is Bob a pitiful debater, he’s a pathetic spokesman for liberalism being a dinosaur who reminds me of a Democratic version of Archie Bunker. Bob is a useful idiot Fox News uses as a tool to discredit anything not fitting their conservative agenda. More on why Fox News picks ‘liberals’ like Bob can be found here.