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Christmas is a time for friends, families, the spirit of giving, and for Christians celebrating the birth of the Prince of Peace. Just kidding. If you’re Fox News Fox And Friends it’s the season to spin right-wing politics. Brainwashing viewers is a 365 day a year operation.

So what’s the gift women Fox News targets are craving for Christmas? A new car? A diamond ring? guns for Christmas A trip to Hawaii? A Nordstrom’s shopping spree? Just kidding again. They want a shiny new gun. What else to get people who celebrate Christmas from their fear bunkers? Well, I guess you could purchase some ‘food safety.’

Now you see why I don’t hang out with right-wingers when they’re unwrapping presents. My luck, they packed the gun with bullets in it all ready for the gun-grabbing Obama adminstration’s ATF agents who are liable to kick down their door any minute and the one lib in the room accidentally gets it.

Well, Merry Christmas everyone!