Since Fox News isn’t so much a real news network but just a loud conservative messaging megaphone it logically follows their reporters are merely the tools speaking into said microphone. Enter Ed Henry.

Fox News Fox And Friends, 12/24/2014

Ed Henry and friends. Fox News Fox And Friends 12/24/2014.

I haven’t posted here in a long, long while. The issue hardly is having nothing to post about Fox News. If nothing else, Fox News is a reliable conservative propaganda factory. I’m also not sure why this minor point of bias by Ed Henry is a tipping point to get me to post something again because by Fox News’ outrageous standards it’s the mole hill casting the shadow of a mountain.

So it’s Christmas Eve which is naturally a slow news day. Fox News’ morning propaganda kick-off show, Fox And Friends, is reduced to 2nd and 3rd string co-hosts on the curvy couch. Ed breaches the cliché end of the year news retrospective networks use to plug the hole of little interesting news during the holidays. Only this is Fox News so it’s got to be immersed in politics. It’s Fox News so the spin must be hard right.

What Ed serves up is a softball interview of some pundit to reflect on the worst political stories. Didn’t catch her name. It’s not really important. I suspect it’s the typical Fox News set-up where a conservative spin doctor is peddled as an objective analyst but since I have no proof let’s say she’s truly non-partisan. Her selection wasn’t random in any case as she dives immediately into slamming Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats over Jonathan Gruber.

The punch line? Ed Henry realized what’s up. He’s playing propaganda charades. Deep down inside there’s a shred of guilt. His byline lists him as a “reporter” dagnabit! So he interjects his analyst is “fair and balanced” (yes, Ed used Fox News’ cynical tagline). The proof? She ‘criticizes’ the GOP Congress. That’s “fair and balanced.” Right? Wait for it….

One tiny little crack in the “fair and balanced” mirror. Her criticism of the GOP Congress is they didn’t stop President Obama. Seriously, Ed?