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If you’ve got a sense of humor at all you’ve got to love Fox News. Seriously. Or maybe not so.

Their often parodied “fair and balanced” slogan needs no introduction. Witness Fox Nation’s daddy Fox News cable network’s “fair and balanced” debates. If you watch the network long enough wading through segment after segment softballing conservative politicians, activists, analysts, and pundits you’ll eventually experience one. The topic is invariably some red meat topic that’s percolated up from conservative talk radio and/or blogs. If the conservative guest runs into trouble dealing with the softballs they’re handed the “fair and balanced” host will gladly jump in and help them argue against the guest liberal. Yeah, those “fair and balanced” debates.

So we’re prepped for our Fox Nation experience. Any visitor to Fox Nation is greeted by “All Opinions Welcome.” Maybe so in some broad, we don’t censor comments sense. Maybe in some broad, if you dig long enough – like with our daddy – center-left content might momentarily break through the consistent conservative narrative like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day. Just don’t get your hopes up there’s a whole lot of sincerity in their promise. Well, it’s not really a promise. More like marketing hype. Like Frosted Flakes “tastes great.” Whoever coined that one never actually ate a bowl of Frosted Flakes I’m guessing.

So it’s no surprise their headlines follow a consistently conservative narrative.

Near the of the list as I type these words is “MUST SEE INTERVIEW: Rush On Why He Does His Job.” Then there’s Mark Levin’s “Levin: Benghazi ‘Iran-Contra Times A Thousand’.” If you’re not impressed with the diversity of “all opinions” yet there’s “Krauthammer: Poor Folks And Congress Will Get Obamacare Subsidy.” Calling from Fox News’ stable of “fair and balanced” ‘news analyst’ hosts there’s Bill O’Reilly’s “O’Reilly to ‘Race Hustler’ Al Sharpton: ‘Your Day Is Done’.”

Drowning in “all opinions welcome?” Me too. But Fox Nation is so much more than punditry. There’s news to be found there too!

Stories like “Where’s Obama On The Democratic Sex Scandals?” Then there’s “Weiner: ‘I Can’t Promise No Surprises’ Before Campaign Ends.” Let’s not overlook “Leno: How Do You Get Lower Than Anthony Weiner?” It seems Fox Nation has Weiner of the brain.

I won’t list every ‘article’ but they are all conservative opinions. All are critical of liberals except one “Conservatives Challenge McConnell To Defund Obamacare: ‘If You Fund It, You Own It’” which is a conservative group going after a Republican for – wait for it – not acting conservative enough. Who said Fox News doesn’t criticize the GOP?