Weekly “fair and balanced” Fox and Friends trot out Brent Bozell to expose media bias. Which is to say the arch conservative data-mines topics to keep alive the notion the media, except trusted conservative sources like Fox News, is in the tank for liberals.

Today his topic was the liberal media blaming the Republicans for the debt negotiation impasse. My personal observation is rival CNN isn’t bashful about spreading around the blame – often expressing opinions I don’t agree with – but you don’t hear me whining about it. Yet, I digress.

He propped up his argument with the tired talking point President Obama hasn’t written down a plan. Countless conservative Fox News guests have parroted this point. Not to mention Greta Van Susteren beat this topic to death last night on her GOP TV show as did Sean Hannity in his slug-fest with Juan Williams (who put on his liberal hat for a while).

So the conservative Fox News partisans finger-point to a failure of leadership on the President’s part. What’s overlooked is President Obama couldn’t get any practical movement from Speaker of the House Boehner or Majority Leader Cantor regarding general principles. Nor was this the first Democratic attempt as Vice President Biden saw the Republicans walk out on him too. If you can’t reach agreement on broad issues like revenue enhancenents and defense cuts being on the table wasting the President’s time drilling down into the weeds of details is foolish.

I fundamentally don’t understand how such a dumb idea gets so much mileage on Fox News. Oh wait, I did say it was Fox News.