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I’ve waded through the sewer that is Anders Behring Breivik’s manifesto. He wrapped himself in the Knights Templar and cultural Christianity. Certainly he meets no reasonable standard of Christian by practice or behavior. Yet his mania passionately embraced it.

One conservative meme defining “fair and balanced” Fox News is its unending “culture war”. They’re the self-appointed protectors of Christianity in America against the liberal atheist hordes. It doesn’t matter if the idea that Christianity is being persecuted in America is pure hooey. Fox News can data-mine a prayer in school stifled here and a nativity scene banned in some public building there to build mountains from mole hills.

Given this, it’s no surprise Fox News would be hyper-sensitive to any media mentions of a mass murderer embracing cultural Christianity.

Add their equally rabid war against Islam, a religion competing against their own, and this stinking pile of hypocrisy can erupt into hilarity. Nobody’s more skilled at pointing this our than Jon Stewart.

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As funny as the first clip is, I find his second sketch far more satisfying. More fundamental to Fox News’ “fair and balanced” hubris is the way it smears liberals then turns around and whines how mean and evil the liberals are to them. How many times have I heard them complain liberals are taking a page from Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals or practicing the bared knuckled “Chicago way” politics? Too many to count.

Ah… payback is rewarding!

Vodpod videos no longer available.