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I’m really not going to spend a lot of time blogging on this. The video speaks for itself.

A commentator mocking a woman who’s homeless would be shocking if it weren’t for the source, Rush Limbaugh. Of course, he’s built a huge career verbally abusing the poor like the time he attacked people “fighting off hunger” or suggested children “dumpster dive” if they’re hungry (not to mention he mocks the homeless here as well). It’s brilliant insight like this making him #1 with cultural conservatives who apparently have ripped out all the pages in their Bibles referring to an obligation to the poor.

By his own admission, Rush squirrels away a huge fortune in tax-free Treasury instruments. Oh, if it weren’t for all these parasites he could get a huge tax cut and get a better return in a hedge fund. To think my sympathies have been misplaced all these years. Rush, you unfortunate soul!

Meanwhile, an Annie E. Casey Foundation study finds children living in America in poverty is dramatically rising: up 18% since 2000. Rush is winning.