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A blog called Reason has a Reason TV “Hit & Run” offshoot which is pretty much what you’d think it is: ambush journalism. The only thing Reason TV’s ambulance chasers have going for them is they aren’t very good at it so they don’t come off like some sleazy Fox News Jesse Waters pit bull clones. Waters is such a hack even Bill O’Reilly’s right-wing pal Bernie Goldberg won’t defend him against accusations of gross bias.  Yet, I digress.

“Hit & Run” struck gold in chasing down actor Matt Damon who was giving a speech on education at a rally in DC. You see, Matt’s mom is a teacher.

Reason TV’s version of the video is mostly a grab-bag of very brief interviews, including Damon’s. Quite frankly, their piece is a pretty incoherent mash-up of heavily edited clips with the sole point of letting us know the obvious: Libertarians hate public education. If you read the accompanying statistics in their blog post they make the point that private teachers are so much better because unlike the average public teacher earning an average wage, private teachers’ salaries really suck. More evidence the agenda of the right-wingers is to drive down middle-class wages as if we really needed any more.

There is a pleasant twist to all of this. Reason earned a spot on Anderson Cooper’s “The Rediculist” where he has entirely too much fun with the topic. Enjoy!